Recharged and refocused

Someone said failure comes as a result of two approaches: thinking without doing.  And — doing without thinking.

A friend and client just returned from vacation and he declared himself to be a new man. “Highly impactful” were the words he used to describe the time away he had with his wife. When I probed for detail (coaches love to probe!) he described a wonderful time! Sleeping 10 hours a night for the first 3… thereby discovering how exhausted both of them had been. Getting up and enjoying coffee, mountain scenery on the deck, starting days slowly. Maybe driving off to a nearby town at 10 AM or so. Enjoying lunch or dinner somewhere, returning late to watch the moon rise above the mountains and feel the chill of the night overtake them before having to retreat inside again.

They spent days reading — he devoured 9 books, at the rate of one every day! To say he was recharged and invigorated would be an understatement of major proportions. He took 350 pictures — and they were good!

They’ve decided to go again, about every 6 months, likely for 2 weeks from now on.

What impressed me was — he had not only gotten away for a greatly relaxing and recharging time, he brought key elements of their time back with him! He’s ready now to stop work a little earlier every day; to recharge daily and weekly; to rethink goals to allow for real time with his wife on a regular basis — to simply say “no” to items which now just don’t make as much sense.

It excited me to hear the powerful lessons he’d learned.

How about you? How do you recharge and get clear on what’s crucial for your life?