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Do You Need Encouragement?

May 24, 1965.

A 13 and 1/2 foot boat slipped out of the marina at Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Destination: England! If it made it, it would be the smallest boat to ever cross the Atlantic.  Its name was Tinkerbelle.  The pilot was Robert Manry.  He’d been a copy editor for 10 years and he was bored; he took a leave of absence to fulfill a secret dream.

He was afraid — but not of the ocean.  His fear was all the people who’d try to talk him out of the trip.  So he didn’t tell many, just a few relatives and his wife, Virginia, his greatest supporter and encourager.

The trip was anything but pleasant.  He spent sleepless nights trying to cross the shipping lanes without getting run over by large ships.  Weeks at sea made his food tasteless.  Loneliness gave him hallucinations.  His rudder broke three times.  Storms swept him overboard; if he hadn’t had a rope tied around his waist, he never would have made it back aboard.  After 78 days alone at sea, he sailed into Falmouth, England.

During the long trip, he thought about what he’d do when he arrived.  He figured he’d check into a hotel, eat dinner alone; then the next morning see if the Associated Press might be interested in his story.  But word of his trip spread.  To his amazement, three hundred boats, horns blaring, escorted the Tinkerbelle into port.  And 40,000 people stood on the docks screaming and cheering him to shore.

Robert Manry was a hero.  His story went around the world.  But he knew, he couldn’t have done it alone! Standing on the dock was his hero, his wife Virginia.  She refused to be critical and negative about her husband’s trip.  She gave him constant encouragement which gave him to courage to pursue and complete his dream.

Coaches are encouragment specialists. We believe in people because we recognize that they are the experts in their own lives. God made them unique and our greatest task is helping them discover their unique purpose and passion.

Choose the Path of Most Resistance!

In the book, The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy talks about the need to choose the path of most resistance. He goes on with this: “To change your direction you will need to swim upstream, against the resistance of the rushing river, against your habitual tendency.”

“Low Resistance:
* Going along with the gossip
* Surrendering to peer pressure
* Saying yes to needless obligations
* Submitting to the crying demands of your children
* Starting your new program on “Monday” (instead of today)
* Reacting in anger
* Holding a grudge
* Giving the ‘silent treatment’

High Resistance:
* Going to the gym when you don’t feel like it
* Forgiving someone who wronged you
* Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
* Admitting you were wrong and apologizing
* Ordering the salad when you want the burger
* Saying no to (yet another) shot of tequila
* Calling that big, scary big prospect (again and again)

If you want to finally obtain what’s missing from your life, you need to stop always doing what you feel like doing and start doing the things that make you uncomfortable, the stuff you avoid, and the things that you think are hard.”

Adding Value to You

Someone said: “to help others become something they never could become on their own is putting value into that other person.

Adding value to others is the very definition of what a good coach does.

That’s what we at Catalyst are committed to — you unleashed, you pursuing the best, in all the areas of life.

So whether your pressing need is some steady growth in your business, or some great new energy in your marriage, a healthy balance among all of life’s dimensions and priorities — whether it is to finally excel (without excuses) in your physical or spiritual health, or simply to regularly set and achieve goals, one of us can help you get there.

Questions Coaches Ask

Coaches ask questions, the kind of questions that even your best friend might not ask.

Coaching therefore calls for commitment to both honesty and humility. Remember, without the process, you won’t get to the product.

So here are 3 introductory questions you might hear from a Catalyst coach:

  •  What do you really want? (in business, your marriage, spiritual or physical health, etc)
  •  What is it that holds you back? (in other words, what’s keeping you from what you just said you wanted —   here’s where honesty is required!
  •  What is it costing you (and what will it cost you) to continue holding back?

If you tackle the 3, shoot us a private message and let us know how you did with the answers!