What is Coaching?

It’s a creative partnership which happens through a thought-provoking, creative process designed to move the client progressively toward personal and professional potential.
Good coaches will honor you the client as the expert in your life. They know you’re at your best when you’re progressing toward your unique design. Like people work with a personal trainer (who observes, offers insight and objective perspective) many people discover the great value with a life coach. We help clients take life, business and relationships to the next level.

Why does coaching work? 

Coaches observe things with fresh perspective, shed light on your situation, assist you to thinking through decisions and challenge you toward growth in life.  Studies show that life coaching works because of:

1) Regular accountability. Our conversations motivate and challenge you to do better than when you work alone. Clients achieve at higher levels, more consistently and faster.

2) Clear purpose. Our coaches will assist you in arriving at SMART goals. Interactions then provide for success in reaching them.

3) Coaching communication. You will discover that we believe in you and communicate in ways that bring more motivation in your life. There’s no brow-beating or nagging! Weekly or twice-monthly conversations include sharing in your victories, checking on previous action steps and setting new goals with action steps. The experience is challenging and uplifting; a relationship based in truth, always with an eye on your goals.

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