Coaches have been called, “part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend” – and we work with all kinds of people, equipping them to define and achieve goals both in their career and personal lives – and most of the time in both.

Are you ready to be coached?
You may want….

  • Steady growth in your career or business
  • New energy and life in your marriage
  • An honest, healthy balance in life’s many dimensions
  • To excel – without excuses – in physical or spiritual health
  • To discover purpose in life


So what kind of people engage a coach?

These days, the list includes entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, managers, professionals, married couples…and many ordinary people.  Really everyone can benefit from the coaching experience – assuming there’s a gap between where that person is and where they want to be.

You could work with a coach to:

  • Plan the future of your business, career, marriage and all of life
  • Learn how to counter roadblocks in your thinking
  • Learn to use time to your greatest advantage
  • Lose weight and pursue health
  • Build great relationships
  • Identify your core values and passions

If you’re at any of these kind of turning points in life, a Catalyst coach can help you go to the next level!




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